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With ERP Cloud you maximize value and you can implement it comprehensively or combine it with other technologies, you choose the solution that best suits your organizational needs.

As an Oracle product, Oracle ERP Cloud is an ongoing investment.

Through continuous research and development, Oracle teams incorporate new business requirements (which arise for different industries) and technological innovations into the system, keeping the system always up-to-date with market needs.

Drawing on its vast customer experience, Oracle has specialists dedicated to developing best practices for implementations and migrations. Its guides are key tools that allow reducing implementation and migration costs and times.

The most modern service technology

It allows managing an organization according to best practices. At the same time, it includes modules that allow you to automate, optimize and integrate new functionalities, such as projects, contracts and tenders, among others.

Access the cloud through a subscription.

JD Edwards

Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is an ERP designed and developed as a comprehensive solution for medium and large companies.

It allows managing, according to the best practices, all the processes of a company, whether they are administrative, operational, financial and commercial, as well as specific processes of the different types of industry. In turn, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is integrative and friendly. It is the engine that integrates all areas of a company and is easy to use due to the new user experience tools.

Comprehensive, complete and specific.
More than 80 available modules designed and developed with the best practices in business processes. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne offers a wide range of functionalities that allow managing and planning, reducing costs, in the different areas of a company. It covers general processes for all companies as well as specific processes for each industry.


E- Business Suite

Oracle E-Business Suite offers a software platform for companies from various sectors, with customized plans for this ERP system. Oracle EBS offers a series of modules that can be integrated with each other, creating a complete business management system.

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